Develop a Good Research Idea for Your Research Essay A Guide for Writing Research Essay will Help You to Write an Excellent Paper

While choosing the topic for your research essay , pay attention if it is broad or shallow. Do not choose too broad topic. Well, on the one hand, broad topic has one advantage a large amount of information and sources on it. But then you will not have enough time for its investigation because reading the books will take all the time that you may devote to the thorough research process. Of course you can write a lot on a broad topic but all your statements will be at a very basic level and your research findings will be shallow. Narrow topic is like you take a broad topic but narrow it to some general problem. Here you may demonstrate your deep investigations. You will have enough time to do all the analyses and go deep into the subject.

If you have found the topic for your research paper then start to search for the information. Make a list of appropriate readings that may help you in writing your paper. You may also take information from the internet.

Some students think that in their essay writing they have just to report what they have read and summarize different issues. This idea is completely wrong as the main purpose of the research essay is to provide your own investigation and present your own findings. It is also very important how you will structure your paper. The paper outline should include the following important sections: the introduction, the main body and the conclusion.

In introduction, you should present the topic of your research essay to the readers. Also give some background information about the subject of investigation. Then give the definition to the essay subject. The introduction is the only part where you have to introduce the main question of your research. Write also what methods you use for your research paper.

The main body is the main part of your research. It is usually divided into several headings which cover different aspects of your research paper. Try to organize the headings of the main body in the logical order, so then you may step by step uncover the topic of your research essay. Present all your findings in the main body. You may also support your information with citations.

The conclusion usually summarizes your research paper. Here you should give the answer to the research question. If you will not answer the question that you stated in the introduction then your work might look incomplete and vague.

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