Descriptive Essay Prompts to Make Your Essay Really Descriptive Descriptive Essay Prompts for the Best Descriptive Essay Writing

One of the simplest essay formats is a descriptive essay format. Among other types of essay formats it differs by its universality  a descriptive essay is an essay which may be a constituent part of any other essay format. Almost every /essay contains descriptive elements and some descriptive essay prompts are not extra.

Descriptive essay is also an essay format which is closely related to everyday life when we all communicate and use descriptions of events, people, objects, etc. However, despite its wide range of use a good description is rather a complicated thing to do. Our descriptive essay prompts will help you to focus and produce an incredible description.

The first thing to remember is the aim of your description: to make some object visual, to highlight some problem or to bring the reader into some atmosphere and many other situation where description helps to create a visual picture and give it emotion or some perspective.

Description is not only about noting or noticing some particular features of the object but making the whole picture entertaining and textured so that the reader sees the colors, hears the sounds, – in short experiences the situation as if it happens before his own eyes. The most powerful descriptive techniques help to unfold a picture before the reader. So, if you want to know how to write essay which can be called descriptive, use your five senses sight, sound, smell, touch and taste. With this rule in mind you will get very vivid and specific description.

Numerous re-writing and revising is a must when it concerns a descriptive essay. For a start you should make a draft and define the approaches, direction and methods. You think over sights, sounds, smells, tastes which could match your description. You concentrate your efforts on details which can add emotion to the description.

At the stage of revising your essay, descriptive essay prompts checklist is as follows:

  • Grammar and punctuation mistakes or their lack;
  • excluding unnecessary details from your description;
  • checking for emotional component of an essay;
  • vividness of perception.
  • General composition of an essay.

Of course, it is difficult to write a good essay relying only on descriptive essay prompts . Essay writing requires skills and experience. If you want to write A level essays train or write wherever you have an opportunity. If you need for your essay without many efforts, you can use custom essay writing services which offer essays of all kinds from complicated analytical essays to simple high school essay written by experienced writer. With their help you can get the desired result in a blink of an eye.